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Guide – How to Get Unlimited Gems and Coins For Free – Talking Tom Camp Hack

Talking TOM Camp Hack is the newest in the gaming series in which you need to have a base called summer camp which should be well guarded with a strong defense system while other players try to attack you. You need to protects yourself with all these cute features of the game

I am sure you must be familiar with the famous Talking TOM who has created a lot of buzz and is favorite of millions of people globally. This cat is all fun and games who has all the potential to make you happy and with him you can totally have your own summer camp.

Here in Talking Tom Camp Hack are few the necessary things which you need to enjoy for refreshment of your body and brain like the firing with Water gun and opportunities to act as a real life hero sitting at one place. This game is totally free to play you can play solo, twosome or in a squad up to 3 other mates without investing money to meet up the challenges according to game rules you can earn unlimited Coins and rewards as Gems at every level.

Gold Coins are in form of money which requires at some levels to unlock some other interesting features. Although Talking Tom Camp Cheats is free to play but at some items needs to be unlocked through in-game coins which you can purchase with real currency all the way through micro transactions but it has some other ways to get so.

talking tom camp hack guide

With the popularity of Talking Tom Cam Hack in gaming world and becoming the hot favorite site for enthusiastic players, followers and fan following, keeping in view all the attractiveness of this game many hidden wicked individuals are trying to sell illegal hacks to the players to get free COINS and GEMS. They all are providing just claptrap. Please be aware and do not become a bait for those nasty people. Because the ways they use to do so can be disappointing for you as you can be banned from the game as a result this kind of fraud.

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Here is the listed below of some tricked method are the only legal way to earn Coins and no any other way will be entertained by the gaming personal.

  1. Building Your Camps
  2. In Talking Tom Camp Hack Gems Do NOT need to saved up
  3. Attack other people base
  4. Leave no free spaces in between

Method 1. Building Your Camps:


In Talking Tom Camp Hack you need to make and protect your summer camp. Changing a simple tree house to a well-protected fortress that has so many building for productions and will attract so many enemies and it can be completed in just few  steps.

The first step is building coin and energy factories and upgrading them. It can be won by playing single player missions. All you need to do is to build a troop training grounds which is a cheap way to erect. After all this complete all the available missions in the single player campaign and all the resources you got from missions can be an aid to upgrade factories and a lot more

Try not to upgrade training grounds this you can do when your are loaded with coins and energy

Next focus on defense system. The only way you can be attacked are from roads try to build all your defensive buildings near the road

After this come towards upgrading your tree house and to build two coin storages and one energy storage

Train many units so that you can attack other people bases in order to fetch some energy and coins

Always look for upgrading your energy factories first and then come towards coins as it is more important and when you are upgrading your tree house to level 3 which is final step of constructing a powerful summer camp you should go for upgrading coin storages. Don’t fall for the prizes. Keep your goal towards upgrading because it can give access to couple of important upgrades and lots of new construction opportunities

Do not forget to upgrade your cute minibus for making it possible for it to take more troops.Upgrade it until it has the capacity of carrying 20 of basic kittens armed with water guns. After you upgrade tree house go for upgrading training grounds

Once you are on level 3 tree house you are going to get lots of land for defensive structure, which should be done in no time. Remember having a strong defense system is the key to keep other people far from your summer camp. The catapult  is the most  powerful defensive structure. Invest your coins on it even if it takes 35,000 coins. You won’t regret this splurge .Its placement is also very important. Choose the right place for it ideally in a way that it covers the attack route from the road and is capable of covering the bases

After all this new defenses and upgrading to level 3, you are ready with solid rock summer camp which can defend any attack and is capable of producing lots of resources which can aid you in new upgrading and training new troops

Method 2. In Talking Tom Cam Hack Gems Do NOT need to Saved up:


Game’s premium currency is gems. Talking Tom camp provides you quite a lots of gems. It’s your choice how you want to invest them. You can spend them in getting another worker or use them to grow camp faster.

We will suggest you spend them instead of buying a new worker. Another worker in Talking Tom Cam Hack may sound fancy but this cost 500 gems.How to get talking om camp hack guide? After this you won’t be left with anything and won’t be able to do any upgrade. Try to use gems on development of the base as it can be more helpful in longer run and will take you in a more comfortable space in the game, where all you have to worry about is production.

Method 3. Attack other people base:


This game features battles that are fought with water guns in which the defeated side run away crying and is drenched in water. Follow this rules if you do not want to get all wet

  • First of all, since in talking camp all your survivors can be used in new attacks you should deploy all of them. That is how your attackers will have more targets and your kittens soldiers are saved from water attack
  • Next upgrade your minibus to a level that it can take up 20 troops as it can do wonders in the game
  • The rally option in Talking Tom Camp Hack is also hold a lot of importance. Use it unless there are no more attackers left
  • Do not go for attacking bases which has strong defense and less resources. They are not worth it. Go for attacking bases that have a lot or resources and an attacking way that allows you to first destroy resource buildings, if the resource structure are down. This contains the less risk and is more important than getting three stars for a successful attack
  • Finally basic troops are quite enough for attacking purposes because the comparatively have high HP and while there attack levels are low but 20 of them can devastate the bases. In Talking Tom Camp Hack Drawback of advance troops take more space in the bus so less troops can ride the bus while attacking and there are more chances to get destroyed by the defenses. So key is upgrade bus and work with basic soldiers as it is more practical

Method 4. Leave no free spaces in between:


You talking tom camp hack should be closely packed. Remove all plants and trees and make sure all buildings are constructed closely without having any space in between and roads are the place where should all your defense be as this is the most vulnerable place. After the construction of new building make sure to work again on your base layout from the ground.

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That’s all you guys. We hope we have been helpful for you in all aspects of game from laying grounds to having your own Talking Tom camp and with this you managed to have a resilient  Talking Tom Camp hack which can face any kind of attack without any damage and also you can produce huge resources and also can gather resources by killing your enemies and can do all the possible good things from building new constructions and capable of upgrading the old ones  into up to the mark modern buildings

Good luck all you players. We hope you have a happy experience playing this fun game

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